I was wrong…

I’m not going to remove the previous post but it’s wrong.

The MOU approved by El Dorado County allows for El Dorado County to write a grant for the entire length of the trail. CA State Parks is onboard and is allowing that grant over multiple jurisdictions.

El Dorado County still has maintenance responsibilities over the tail within El Dorado County but the Forest Service (with the Tahoe National Forest being the lead forest) has maintenance responsibilities within Placer County. So, we only got half way there.

So, CA State Parks has signed the MOU, as has El Dorado County and the Tahoe National Forest.

As of today, Placer County, the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit and the Eldorado National Forest has not yet signed on.

There is a chance that not everyone will sign on and the group will go back to the drawing board in order to get consistent trail maintenance across the entire trail.

Stay tuned!

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