Highway 50 to close at Echo Summit

The Rubicon Gazzette Facebook page had a posting about road construction on Highway 50 that will restrict and then close the road in September.

One-way traffic control is scheduled for U.S Highway 50 to start, Sunday, Sept. 13 24/7 for bridge demolition work of the existing structure.

Full closure of U.S Highway 50 over Echo Summit is scheduled for Sept. 18 – Oct. 2.

The construction zone will extend from the Caltrans Echo Maintenance Station, east for 1.2 miles.

Here’s the link to the website with the details: https://www.way2tahoe.com/?fbclid=IwAR2_sap8HYLv-16wgCJ3E3P-r00PbDo-Yn4R7iXiJauFmfPSv8ZPq73Mjxw

Please plan accordingly.


Rubicon Ronin

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