Rubicon closed?!?!?!

The Eldorado National Forest released the update below this morning:

There was no mention of the Rubicon Trail open or closed, so I called the fire information line listed on the update.

I was told the Rubicon Trail was CLOSED.

So, I called Vickie Sanders and left a message. That was 10:18am this morning (9/22/2020). I emailed RTF and they said they were “going with the information they were given”. Which was the Rubicon was open. That doesn’t help the guy who drives up there and finds a barricade.

This is a major agency communications cluster. I’m trying to get good information so people know what is going on before heading up to the trail.

As soon as I get HARD information, I will post it.

Stay tuned,


Rubicon Ronin

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