Bing Maps Rubicon Closure

I often poke around the internet trying to find any new information on the Rubicon Trail. I specifically look for information on the Tahoe end of the trail. Surfing the internet is easier than an in person visit since I’m an hour and 20 minutes from the trailhead.

Here’s one of the latest things I found. I found it less than a week ago, so I waited until after the stated closure to post it. It has since been removed from Bing Maps:

“Closed road from Evergreen Way to Rubicon Trail. Start time: 11/3/2021 12:43am; Est. end time: 1/12022 12:00am.”

The red dashed line is the section of McKinney Rubicon Springs Road that is paved between the residential area and the staging area.

The map is from Bing Maps and the closure came up when I searched Bing Maps for ‘road conditions’. Someone had to input this information. I don’t think it’s worth reaching out to Bing Maps this time to ask who did this and why, but if it comes up again, I will definitely reach out to get it corrected.

Now in trying to figure this out, I thought it might have been done to prevent idiots from thinking they can drive to Sacramento on the Rubicon since Highway 80 and Highway 50 were both closed. But they were open when this closure was posted, 11/3/2021.

Recently, dozens of people have tried to drive through Dog Valley on Henness Pass Road to get over the pass even thought is does not get plowed. People in 2-wheel drive vehicles read their onboard GPS units and think they can use it. Local 4wd clubs have staged at the entrance to educate people about the road conditions there and to suggest that they turn around. Others have had to be rescued/recovered because they did drive down the snow covered road.

The Rubicon Trail is open year-round! Let’s all keep an eye on agencies or individuals trying to post that the trail is closed and speak up to get it corrected.

Happy New Year.


Rubicon Ronin

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