Education time

Okay, only the first half of this video is worth watching but I don’t have the skills to edit it. I wish someone could now add the articulation angle (pun intended) to this to really teach people how to build their rigs for the trail.

The order of improvements show in the video is not the order I would do them to my rig. And of course, there needs to be a balance.

I’m still driving a 2-door Wrangler. On Fordyce last year, I needed a line on my bumper to keep the front end down climbing one obstacle. The longer JL’s probably didn’t need that tug, don’t know if the 4-doors were getting high centered.

What I don’t want to give up is the mobility of the short wheelbase 2-door. I love that I can turn so tight on the trail, allowing me to take the line I want. My TJ turns so much better than my old CJ-7.


Rubicon Ronin

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