2022 Rubicon Trail Annual Report

I’ll try this two different ways; first here’s a link to the report on the El Dorado County website:

Here’s version two, trying to implant the actual file here:

Yes, this is El Dorado County, not the Tahoe side. I’m putting this up for general information and as an example of what may happen after the formation of the Rubicon Trail Collaborative Council. Hopefully, after the RTCC gets going, this type of report will be available for the entire length of the Rubicon Trail.

My take-aways are for one, the Adopt-A-Trail program. There are two segments available for adoption. Hopefully, this same type of Adopt-A-Trail and Adopt-A-Waterbar (rolling dip) will come to the Tahoe side. Start thinking about which segment your club would like to adopt!

Second is the list of projects. It seems like a very short list. That’s good because that means things are being taken care of within El Dorado. I literally have a list, with short descriptions of each project, that is eight pages long for the Tahoe side.


Rubicon Ronin

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