Rubicon Trailhead Conditions, Tahoma 2/17/23

I did a quick drive by of the Tahoma trailhead today.

No evidence that a wheeled vehicle has been up the trail for some time. But maybe a few snowmobiles.

Surprisingly, the trailhead does not have the typical dip, so the wall is about the same height all the way across.

Once on the trail, there may have been wheeled vehicles on the trail.

The trail is as wide as a vehicle. The surface seems hard from melting and refreezing but I’m not sure it will support a 4000 pound rig.

The trail did look inviting but I was in my truck after skiing.

Right now, the roads are clear and the walls are steep.

Don’t go alone. And there are a few storms coming in next week.



Rubicon Ronin

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