Rock delivered and placed!

Last weekend (5/15-17/20), Vickie Sanders of El Dorado County oversaw the delivery of rock and construction of gabions on Cadillac Hill, among other chores on the Rubicon Trail.

A fellow Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s (Gary) and his step-son (Jason) had a ring side seat of the deliveries as Jason works as an aviation photographer as was doing a story on the moving of the rock.

Siller Helicopters was contracted to move rock from near Wentworth Springs several points along the trail. Jeepers jamboree had a crew on hand to build the gabions on Cadillac Hill.

The trail was temporarily shut down to keep everyone involved safe.

Rock was placed at several places along the trail to harden water crossings and stabilize the trail.

No before and after pictures yet of where the rock was eventually placed.

This photo just in (5/23) of the rock and gabions placed on Cadillac:

From Vickie Sanders: I want to thank all the volunteers for an outstanding weekend in the Rubicon Trail. Jeepers Jamboree built a gabion on Cadillac Hill. Bob Sweeney took a mini ex and repaired the wall at hairpin, dug some water bars in Big Sluice and drained Scout Hole.
Tim Green and Mike Elrod did an amazing job with communication once again. Keeping everyone informed and the rock loads going to the right spots. Simon was on the trail assisting with locations and rock drops.
These projects take a lot of coordination and I can’t thank everyone enough for all that the volunteers put into the trail and assisting in the effort.
I went out yesterday to Buck Island. I cleaned and restocked the restrooms. They all look great. Thank you everyone who takes care of them. The community is amazing.
The trail is ready for a busy weekend. Enjoy the trail it looks great!!!!
Thank you user community, you are truly an amazing group of people and I am honored to work for you.


Rubicon Ronin