Tahoe NF Motor Vehicle Use Map Released!

The Tahoe National Forest (TNF) finally released the latest Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). The forest had been without one for years. It had released and then retracted one previously.


There are ten maps for the four different districts within the Tahoe National Forest. The Rubicon Trail is documented on the Truckee District -south map. Hard copies of these maps are available for free at any of the TNF offices.

The Rubicon is listed as 16N75. Although the Rubicon is listed on and has been given a Forest Service (FS) number, it is still a county right of way. The FS gave it a number as the trail needed to be listed to have the rest of the area trails make sense.

New in this version of the MVUM, Observation Point (16E78) is officially recognized by the FS as being a 163 foot long ‘trail’. Previously undocumented, the turn out has always been allowed by the FS.

Also new are four camp sites:

3013-026 is an elevated area from the Rubicon before the old water hole. The FS documented this ‘road’ as 64 feet long.

3013-24 is at the east end of Miller Lake just past the old water hole. The FS documented this ‘road’ as 29 feet long.

3013-22 is at the west end of Miller Lake and is truly lake front. The FS documented this ‘road’ as 62 feet. It’s more of a turn out.

16E77 is just east of Observation. It’s know as Bear Camp and in the early spring is under six inches of water. It’s 50 feet long or deep, depending on how the FS measured it. It is documented as a ‘trail’.

And for the first new OHV trail in a long time on the TNF, the Long Lake Trail, previously known as TKS-11, is now officially 16E12.


I want to thank the TNF for getting this out to the public. It took a lot of hard work to get this right. The last map was actually printed but because there were so many flaws the forest decided not to release it and to make the needed corrections. It’s worth the wait.


Now get out there and try a trail you’ve never been on before!

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