CA State OHV grants awarded

Earlier, I reported that the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit had failed to apply for any funds for four wheel drive trails. They had only applied for a motorcycle trail that is frequented by mountain bikes. (The project is being lead by TAMBA – Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Assoc.) Then I reported that the Basin had failed to received any funding due to a technical error.

Well the results are out regarding who actually got the money.

Here is a link to the page with the results of those awards. There are several catagories of grant funding so let me cut to the chase for you.

Planning – this would include Placer County’s plan to GPS the east half of the trail:

Placer County: $51,000 (they had asked for ($89,000)

Tahoe National Forest: $90,000


Tahoe National Forest: $488,000

Ground Operations

Tahoe National Forest: $623,000

Eldorado National Forest: $591,000

El Dorado County: $590,000

All I can say it that’s a lot of green stickers being bought!

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