Meeting with the LTBMU Supervisor

This afternoon, I sat down with Jeff Marsolais, the forest supervisor of the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, for a half an hour. When I say half an hour, I mean 30 minutes, almost to the second. I got 30 minutes in the seat in his office. I had three typed pages of notes to get through so I talked fast. But that’s easy for me.

Although he didn’t have time to respond to all the issues I brought up, he said he’d get back to me. So, what did I bring up? Here’s a brief outline of topics:

Who is the OHV lead for the LTBMU?

Should be full time and year round but not 100% OHV focused.

Needs to be pro-OHV not just someone doing the job.

We need consistency and quicker responses from the LTBMU.

AAT agreements and paperwork

The Forest Service needs to be quicker and proactive on approaching and supporting clubs willing to adopt

Rubicon Trail

Limbs cut off years ago need to be removed or chipped

The main sign at the staging area

Staging area maintenance

Recreational Opportunity Guide – finish it or drop it

General signage along the trail, paved and dirt sections

Other trails

Buck Lake Trail

Twin Peaks

Middle Fork Trail


CA State Parks – start writing next years now, include more people in the process

Recreational Trails Program (RTP)

Foundation Grants

How did the Corral Trail get a full time, eight person crew to work that trail since the OHV grant fell through?

He did say he might be interested in a ride out on the trail to see first hand what’s going on. That would be a great education for him!

This one meeting won’t end these issues but now we all know the main guy at the Basin has been told how all those underneath him have dropped the ball over the years.

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