LTBMU asks for OHV input

The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) has a few things going on right now. They recently released a letter/report seeking input for a more general scoping process involving roads, trails and facilities. I posted about that on Dec 7th. Comments should be made on that issue as well as this latest release.

This latest release/request (scheduled for today), is OHV specific. The letter was a collaboration between the forest service, Cal4, Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) and CORVA. The LTBMU wants to hear from the users what they want done within the LTBMU regarding OHV. This could be very specific maintenance projects on the trail (the 14Nxx trail needs a rolling dip constructed at this point..) or more general comments about how to improve the overall management of OHV process and system (there should be a monthly open house/meet and greet/coffee talk for users to meet with Forest Service employees).

Here is the letter that was written as a collaboration with those listed:

Last LTBMU users input request letter



This is a huge opportunity for us, the users, to tell the LTBMU exactly what we want done. Okay, they’re not going to do everything we want but we need to at least tell them. It’s like, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain”. If you don’t voice what you’d like to see done with OHV, don’t complain.

Possible topics: Signage: simple trail markers, club adopt-a-trail signs; Maintenance projects: water bars, rolling dips, hardening water crossings; more Adopt-a-trails available and supported; a single email address for ALL things OHV within the basin; dedicated OHV employee for consistent communications; etc.

Please email: with the title “LTBMU OHV Input”

I’m keeping a positive and open mind on this effort. The LTBMU is acting like they want to make it happen. We need to show support and give them a list of things to do. Again, little specific things or huge sweeping general ideas, stuff for this summer or long term projects that could take years to complete.

Similar to my “Turn Around, Don’t Go Around”, for this post its: “Speak up or shut up”




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