Deer Valley Trail to reopen in 2017!

The Eldorado National Forest (ENF) has finalized the decision to reopen the Deer Valley Trail. It will reopen after the a short period of time after the snow melts. This will be a scientific timeframe not one determined by the USFS.

Here is the cover letter:

Dear Interested Citizen:

As the Responsible Official, I have signed the Decision Notice/Finding of No Significant Impact (DN/FONSI) selecting Alternative 3, the modified seasonal closure, for the Deer Valley 4wd Trail Meadow Restoration and Blue Lakes/Meadow Lake Road Maintenance Environmental Assessment (EA).

Details of the Deer Valley 4wd Trail Meadow Restoration and Blue Lakes/Meadow Lake Road Maintenance Project, including the DN/FONSI, EA, and specialist reports can be found on the Eldorado National Forest website at: or To obtain a hard copy of the DN/FONSI or EA, please contact Matt Brown, IDT Leader, 530-647-5390 or

The Deer Valley 4wd Trail (19E01) will be reopened immediately as conditions permit. The Blue Lakes/Meadow Lake Road (9N01) would be reopened and added back to the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) after the corrective actions are implemented to bring routes in compliance with S&G 100. These corrective actions are anticipated to be completed in summer/fall 2017.

For additional information concerning this decision, please contact: Matt Brown, Placerville Ranger District, 4260 Eight Mile Road, Camino CA 95709, Phone: (530) 647-5390 or Email:

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and for your continued interest in the management of National Forest System lands.


/S/ Richard G. Hopson


District Ranger

This is the full eleven page decision:


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