RTF Rubicon Zoom Meeting, from last week

The Rubicon Trail Foundation held a Zoom meeting last week to clear-up up what happened regarding the Rubicon closure. Below is the link to the Zoom call. There is some very good information in the presentation. It’s only one hour long.

If it asks for a password/passcode, try: 3X!2xG&A

For me, the bottom line is that El Dorado County illegally closed the trail in December. And El Dorado County passed a resolution to not only cover the illegal closure but to allow them to close the trail in the same way, legally, in the future. Did we really win?

One point in the Zoom recording is, let me say, incomplete. John Arenz claimed that Placer County was not the reason for the snow wall at the Tahoma entrance. There is a single individual who has been identified as dumping snow at the entrance from other locations, for his personal benefit by blocking vehicles from the trail. In addition to that, the way Placer County plows Evergreen Way (the street crossing the entrance) piles excessive snow that blocks vehicle use. Placer County is not innocent.

There are two meetings today about the Rubicon. The first is with El Dorado County. I’m not sure of the agenda. I will not be attending as I’m trying to focus on the Tahoma side. The second is at the Cal4 office tonight and I will be attending that one.

I will get to the Tahoma trailhead this week and will post an update about snow levels, access and if anyone has been out.


Rubicon Ronin

Rubicon Trail back open

From the El Dorado County website:

“The closure of the Rubicon Trail initiated with Resolution 017-2023 has been lifted effective immediately.

The County waited until the frequent heavy storms that started with the December 30, 2022 atmospheric river event were over before attempting site inspections. During the temporary closure the storms that hit the region consisted of additional atmospheric river events with heavy mixes of rain and snow.  Multiple days (1/18, 1/24, and 1/27) were necessary for staff to access and assess the trail.  Those assessments show that the trail is currently covered in a substantial amount of snow providing resource protection. After reviewing those assessments, the Director, in consultation with County staff, has determined that no repairs are needed at this time and that the trail is safe for ordinary use.

 Be advised that the Rubicon Trail is for year-round public use but users should be prepared for adverse conditions during winter season and during storm conditions.  The road may be unpassable during winter/storm conditions and rescue services may be difficult.  The County encourages users be mindful of trail conditions and practice appropriate safety measures.  The County will continue to monitor trail conditions for the remainder of the 2023 winter season into spring as required per the USFS easement document. If users have any questions on this notice, please feel free to contact the County at 530-621-7538 or 530-621-5554.”

Ok, it’s open but there are many questions…

So, we’re back to water quality as the reason for the closure. But I don’t believe that the County ever visited the proper, if any, sites to determine water flow conditions BEFORE the closure. El Dorado County completely ignored the agreed upon requirements in place in order to close trail. They did it just because they wanted to, and it was not based on any science.

We, the users, need to push back on what happened, how it happened and who made it happen.

Who is “The Director”? Was one single person able to close the Rubicon?

If past signed agreements can be ignored, can we trust any future agreements? If El Dorado County doesn’t play by the rules, the law, should we?

I’m not happy. And I won’t be happy until all of this is settled. I guess I won’t be happy for a long time.

Do you have questions? Call the county at the above-mentioned number. I’m sure they’d love to be swamped by calls.


Rubicon Ronin