Let the wheelin’ begin

There are wheeled tracks on the Rubicon at the Tahoma entrance. They are faint because last night the area got 6-8 inches of snow. Yes, snow in late April.

There is a ramp for access.

But the ramp is really steep and already has deep holes. We should probably get out there and knock down the wall and build an access ramp.

I didn’t walk in too far, so I have no idea how far they got. If you look close, there is a tree leaning across the trail. If you go, be prepared to deal with trees.

All the same safety items are still in play: don’t go alone, be ready to spend the night, food, water, closing, heat, ham radio, recovery gear, etc. It’s an endless list. The most important is to Tread Lightly!

El Dorado County now has the ability to close the trail as they wish. That could include a bunch of people getting stuck and needing rescue. Don’t be that person. Let’s not give them reasons to close the trail.


Rubicon Ronin

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