ENF pushes back opening date of ‘seasonal’ roads

The Eldorado National Forest has pushed back the opening for seasonal roads and trails by one month. For the Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail, this means the Richardson Lake Trail (14N39). As we’re already halfway through the extended closure and the snow is still epically deep, I don’t think this will affect us much.

Expect other forests to do the same. Please check the website of whatever forest you plan on visiting before you head out.

Next week, I’ll post pictures from the trailhead. At this point, only the most well-built rigs should attempt to get on the trail. Memorial Weekend will still bring challenges on the Rubicon Trail.

Please Tread Lightly! if you head out on the trail. Stay on the trail, don’t spin your tires, use tree saver straps to winch, etc.

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