Conditions update…

I came across this photo on Facebook, the “Rubicon Trail” page, posted by Ray Collins. I’m trying to give credit where credit is due.

That’s Ray standing in one of the first creek crossings about a week or two ago, so late April. I’ve heard from friends in South Lake Tahoe that the snow is melting about six inches a day, in the sun. Then the Tahoma area got 4-5 inches of snow at lake level, more at higher elevations.

If you go, be prepared for everything. And as this website’s catch phrase says: “Turn Around, Don’t Go Around”.

This very wet spring will be a test of our OHV community. We need to show that we can play by the rules and not do resource damage as we enjoy our sport. Peer pressure is needed. Don’t let your buddy take ‘that’ route off the trail or spin their tires endlessly in a water or mud hole.

Use the shovel, use a strap. Winch work will be required. Use tree savers. Turn around and come back next week.

I’ve communicated with FOTR to get a ‘Shovel Brigade’ out on the trail early to break down drifts to encourage people to stay on the trail and not drive around snow sections they can’t drive over. Stay tuned.


Rubicon Ronin