FOTR work party on Cadillac Hill

Friends of the Rubicon will be conducting  a work party on Cadillac Hill on Saturday the 19th. They will be pouring concrete in order to secure the trail to the hill side. Don’t get bent out of shape. There has been concrete on Cadillac Hill for decades in about half dozen different spots.

Friday the 18th, they will be moving bags of concrete to the site and prepping the area.

Saturday morning, from dawn to when the concrete finally cures, the trail will be CLOSED!

Details of the project and how to jump in and help are available at the following link:


Please let Eric Agee of FOTR know if you can help out.  Without these types of projects, the trail would have closed years ago. Please be supportive and plan your trip around the work being done.


A summary of the work project has been posted on Pirate:



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