14N39 to re-open!!!

We should still wait for the official word from the ENF  but this past weekend, the FS and two dozen volunteers ‘fixed’ the S&G100 issues along 14N39. At least we fixed the first three issues. The trail should now be open to a point past 14N39-7 but before 14N39-9.

14N39 map w meadows


Thanks to everyone involved!
We had a good turnout. Five trailers and one full size pick-up moving gravel (gravel/dirt/binder mix – like road base) the first day and three trailers running the second day. I didn’t count but probably 20 people the first day and 7 or 8 the next day.

The group built to rolling dips with the ‘gravel’, we covered about seven features with gravel, about 150′ of trail. We hand moved rock so the FS could rock line the sediment trap at the first ‘meadow’. Bad photo, but the trap is to the left where everyone is looking.


Once the gravel was dumped (Thank you RTF for the trailers, we had two working both days) the volunteers spread it to the depth required by the FS. The FS then sprayed it with water to activate the binding agent and then ran a ‘vibra-plate’ compactor over every square foot of gravel to pack it down. They were there very late on Sunday finishing that off, we left.

This is meadow 14N39-5. Heavy equipment rebuilt the rolling dip, the volunteers hauled and placed the gravel and the FS compacted it down.


This is meadow 14N39-7 (actually a creek issue). We built two rolling dips and spread forest debris to slow water and promote growth.



Special thanks to Mike for feeding us BOTH days.

The FS did install a fence further up the trail, past the last ‘meadow’ we fixed but before the last ‘meadow’ issue. They were to drive to the last meadow, turn around, drive down and place the gate at the first wide spot (to allow people to turn around) that was not a arch site.


I was the last one through the gate on a tour of 14N39-9 on July 16th.

The last meadow needs a re-route. We will be on the trail Wed to find the new route. There will be NEPA and the rest of the studies that go with it. Best case is we find a route on Wed, study it and plan it over the winter, and build it in 2015. Because it is a brand new road cut in the forest, it will need to ‘winter’ once before it can be driven, so look for it to open in 2016.

I will be pushing HARD for a temporary fix of that meadow so we can access the summit while the re-route is being planned and built. Stay tuned.

Picture just added but I’ll leave this one. I did have some fun moving trailers around:



Sent out Monday the 14th:

Forest Road 14N39 re-opened today as far as the Pacific Crest Trail. Our hydrologist verified that the Forest is in compliance with S&G 100 at Meadows 14N39-1, -5 and -7 based on the maintenance repairs completed to date. A big thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard over the weekend!

Richard Thornburgh
Pacific District Ranger
Eldorado National Forest

7887 Highway 50
Pollock Pines, CA 95726



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