How to comment on CA State Parks OHV grants

Go to the CA State Parks OHV division page

Click on “GRANTS”

Click on the “Click here to provide public comments”

On the new page, you will see this line:

“To review preliminary applications and to provide public comments, click here”

Click on the three dots (…) between the two blank grey screens to the right of “Agency”;

a smaller screen will appear

Type out the name of the agency you want to comment on

IE: Tahoe, Placer, Eldorado, etc.

Tahoe will get you both the Tahoe National Forest and the Lake Tahoe Basin Mgnt Unit

Placer will get you the Department of public works and the Sheriff’s office

Click “lookup”

You’ll need to click in the yellow box for the grant you’d like to read and comment on

Click on the paperclip to the right of the grant you want to read, or, Click on the small white card with the green cross for the grant you want to comment on

These are comments not votes. Comments need to be thoughtful, stating your approval with reasons or you disapproval with reasons.

Don’t just say you want more money spent on OHV. Be specific: I’d like to see more money spent on OHV signage, specifically at the staging area for the Middle Fork Trail up Blackwood Canyon.

Or: I don’t believe that the funding of this grant is in the best interest of OHV trails and users. The grant sites a restoration of an area nowhere near any current or past OHV trail system.

I believe that you can comment multiple times. So, rather than type out ALL of your issues with a grant, make a single point in each comment.


Remember, every comment will be able to be seen by the general public. Be polite and professional.

Link to posted public comments 

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