The 2015 Cone Zone

Yes, the orange blooms are already happening.

Road construction has started in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This is important enough that I may start a direct link to updated information on current construction project that could affect driving to and/or from the world Famous Rubicon Trail.

The website of the week:

This website has all kinds of information on road construction around Tahoe. The easiest page to understand has pictures. So, rather than me ramble on with too many words, here are two pictures pages that says it all. The link is for the web page of the two images below.



The Sierra Sun is also reporting:

  • Paving treatment on Highway 267, airport to the summit, May-Oct, 20 minute delays
  • Paving treatment on 28, between Tahoe City and 267. Aug-Oct, 10 minute delays
  • Bridge replacement on the road to Alpine Meadows at 89, May-Oct
  • Highway 80 at the Donner Lake Interchange, May-July
  • Highway 80 Boca to Floriston, May-Oct, 20 minute delays

Please check conditions before you travel. Add time to your trip as needed. Watch out for the workers.

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