“FLASH” Rubicon Trail Maintenance

“Get out your green shovel! Put on your FORT shirts. FOTR is back!”

This is the entrance to the Rubicon Trail as of 9am this morning. Not accessible!

Okay, this is not an official FOTR project, but it should be. I have reached out to FOTR but honestly, I didn’t give them enough time to respond before I posted.


Calling all Rubicon users. I am putting together a “flash” Rubicon Trail maintenance effort for this Saturday, March 12th, 9am.

We will be removing the 8-foot snow wall currently blocking wheeled access to the Rubicon Trail. This effort has Placer County approval!

9am    Arrive at trailhead, please do not arrive early.

          Stop your vehicle in the street as if you’re waiting to drive up the Rubicon.

          Do not “park” along the side of the road, parking is illegal this time of year.

9:15   Safety and Operational Briefing

9:30   Start snow removal

The goal is to reduce the wall to a ramp

All snow will remain on McKinney Rubicon Road

No snow will be moved on to Evergreen Street

If the wall does not give in easily, we will try using chainsaws to get through the ice.

Please bring: Shovels, Pick Axes, Digging Bars, Food & Drink for yourself, Gloves, Waterproof Pants, Sunglasses, etc.

Snowblowers are not allowed at this time.

I just got the word that no mechanized equipment may be used to remove snow from the entrance of the Rubicon. So, chainsaws are out.

Here’s the challenge. Who’s got a bigger saw than I do? Mine’s got a 36″ cutting edge!

I will supply doughnuts and some drinks for hydration.

No idea how many people will show up.


Rubicon Ronin

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