ENF pushes back opening date of ‘seasonal’ roads

The Eldorado National Forest has pushed back the opening for seasonal roads and trails by one month. For the Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail, this means the Richardson Lake Trail (14N39). As we’re already halfway through the extended closure and the snow is still epically deep, I don’t think this will affect us much.

Expect other forests to do the same. Please check the website of whatever forest you plan on visiting before you head out.

Next week, I’ll post pictures from the trailhead. At this point, only the most well-built rigs should attempt to get on the trail. Memorial Weekend will still bring challenges on the Rubicon Trail.

Please Tread Lightly! if you head out on the trail. Stay on the trail, don’t spin your tires, use tree saver straps to winch, etc.

Groundhog Day on the Rubicon

As I said in my last post, not much has changed. Looks like I had a weird filter on the phone when I took this but there was 7-8 feet of snow at the Tahoma entrance. The notch is almost gone. The snow is stupid wet. Maybe after a few dozen thaw freeze cycles we might be on the trail. But there are not a bunch of freezing cold days forecast.

The roads along the west shore were still unplowed. More snow on the way and it’s going to even wetter. Don’t travel unless you have to. This weather pattern is going to be with us for another four days.

For the record, I was at my cabin, on the roof, in the rain, shoveling…

After clearing a path on the deck to get the ladder in place, I started in on the roof. There will be a round two on Monday to remove more snow. We’re expecting more than a foot by Monday. The worry is the added weight from the rain we’re getting. The snow just soaks it up.

Be patient. The trail will always be there. Summer will happen. We will get on the trail.


Rubicon Ronin

Two feet of fresh snow and it’s still snowing…

2-27-23 Narrow streets. The plow guys are working their asses off and can barely keep up. The roads were well plowed considering the amount of snow that the Basin has received this winter, specifically, this latest storm. the Rubicon trailhead is straight ahead. That’s a private plow operator, up on the right, clearing berms and driveways.

It doesn’t look like any vehicle has tried recently. Two more feet of snow expected over today & tomorrow. At least the notch is holding up so we know where to make access, once the snow allows.

It might be redundant, but I’ll post up after the storm passes.


Rubicon Ronin

Quick update…

Feb 23rd, sort of the middle of the storm. Six feet tall at the notch, eight feet tall either side.

It does appear that someone recently tried to drive up the trail, before the recent snow fall.

But the tracks only appear on top of the berm. I think the driver had second thoughts and backed out.

The Tahoma area is expecting more than four feet of snow over the next week. My suggestion is to let the storm pass and the snow settle and come out and play in two or three weeks.

Travel safe; travel prepared.


Rubicon Ronin

2022 Rubicon Trail Annual Report

I’ll try this two different ways; first here’s a link to the report on the El Dorado County website:

Here’s version two, trying to implant the actual file here:

Yes, this is El Dorado County, not the Tahoe side. I’m putting this up for general information and as an example of what may happen after the formation of the Rubicon Trail Collaborative Council. Hopefully, after the RTCC gets going, this type of report will be available for the entire length of the Rubicon Trail.

My take-aways are for one, the Adopt-A-Trail program. There are two segments available for adoption. Hopefully, this same type of Adopt-A-Trail and Adopt-A-Waterbar (rolling dip) will come to the Tahoe side. Start thinking about which segment your club would like to adopt!

Second is the list of projects. It seems like a very short list. That’s good because that means things are being taken care of within El Dorado. I literally have a list, with short descriptions of each project, that is eight pages long for the Tahoe side.


Rubicon Ronin